Welcome to CTF-TV

Which stands for Catch the Fire

CTF-TV started over 12 years ago with an unusal start.  AT the time Pastor Eric Zeidler was working on ways to get communications out to people in the church and public through the internet. (Pre-Facebook explosion) 

A friend and member of The River Church (Chuckie Willis)was a faithful in attending and had his own ministry. Chuckie had epilpsy sinceI knew him from the early age in sunday school. Chuckie would walk where ever he had to go (yet most people knew him and would give him a ride and most times would invite him to eat or supply his needs. His cousin Bruce Willis was like a big brother taking care of his housing and other needs. Chuckie would never miss a service or bible study. This one weekend Chuck never showed up for church and the next day for bible study. Thinking he may be sick, my wife (Jaimie) and I decided to stop and check on him after Bible study.  When we arrived his lights were on, and I treked to the front door, looked through the window and there lies Churck on the floor with a pool of blood around his head. Grabbing the phone and calling 911, we started to pray and cry out to God.  When the medical truck arrived, we found out he was still alive but in serious shape. His eyes were wide open and looking around and I grabbed his hand to assure him God has you my brother.  The next day after witnessing this as you well know my mind was running a mile a minute with so many thoughts. I decided to try something, HOW can we gather together and pray for chuckie without being at a church or house or location. AHHH, I decided to implement what I just was working on, GO LIVE ON THE INTERNET.  Remember alot of things we use today were not available ten for the consumer as today.  I had a computer, a small dvd recorder, a microphone, and music to play.  I sent out notices to everyone through email, phone, etc... to go to this site which I would be on live praying for chuck at 6:30pm.  Well it happened! We had hundred of people go on as we prayed for chuck. played music, and shared stories for about 2+ hours. It became know as MIRACLE MONDAY.  The following day many responded in asking if we can do it again the next night. Yes, we continued for a week or so, then chuck started to fall away. He had internal bleeding, and was in a ceasure for many days which caused alot of problems. Our brother Chuck is home with the Lord.  We continued MIRACLE MONDAY for several years, also starting new shows like Holy Hip Hop Hour, Special guests, and a dear friend Dan Brank with his Hour of Power, we continued to add cook shows, revival events and much more. TODAY you may see a few remenants of days gone by with Rick and Rudy Show, and others.  2019 we are continuing with a great lineup of new shows, new equipment (not our old dvd vhs cameras, LOL) and new locations. We have added a mobile truck that is being equiped to do live shows on location.  CTF-TV is here because God made a way to do ministry to the hurting, lost and bring a venue to the Body of Christ to share their talents to the world.  Thanks you for your support and prayers. In His Grace Eric