Keeping a preacher quiet is like stealing a painter's brushes.  Although his tools may be gone, he still finds a way to release the passion within.  Satan tried to steal Pastor Eric Zeidler's tongue, with the purpose of stopping God's voice from being heard through his mouth. BUT through Jesus Christ, Pastor Eric found a way ---AND that way was the being healed by the very Lord he preaches to others about.

His journey takes him from the trial of tongue cancer and the related surgeries to the emotional challenges he faced going through.

Now while pastoring the River Church in Penns Grove & Salem, he engages the airwaves through his own television and radio internet network - CTF-TV

His message is strong and challenging as he encourages others in a walk of faith, Christian Unity, and dedication to God. His voice is not confined to the converted municipal library, where patrons were once reminded to be quiet as they learned, but he leads his congregation to put arms to their mouth and take the message to the community and the world.

What happens when a pastor is diagnosed with tongue cancer?

                            A Testimony of Words and Unity

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