6/16/16​ Met with Publisher today, last proof copy almost finished for printing.

6/16/16 Met with Salem City Planning Board and received approval for Salem Church.

5/4/2106 Update on "OFF THE GRID"​

​Publisher is almost done, and manuscript is about to go to printer for proof copy. Scheduled date of release with be first of June.

2/3/2016 Mercy Heart

Just received a great book written by our friend Pastor Eric at River Church - pick up a copy of this book and his new book Off The Grid coming out soon! Available on Amazon - We highly recommend!

Each day you will see a testimony or a test by someone, write in and share yours.

Awesome  for Henry Mauser for complete healing. God still answers prayer, and is faithful

Looking forward to seeing what God has for our future, change is in the air, and transformation is all around.


Testimonies and Tests


​Awesome Christmas with many outreaches sharing over 65 families with food, and prayer thanks to Save a Lot and Wellshire Farms

Your next praise goes here!!!

2/5/2016 Marie

Thank you so much Pastor Eric i enjoyed your book very Powerful...your an Amazing Pastor it actually made me cry a few times i know there's a Calling for you .....Pastor Eric your such a Blessing to your Congregation and Everyone that you place your Healing hands upon and to me its a Pleasure to know you and always so nice to see such a beautiful smile knowing what you been thur....so happy to know that your beautiful wife Jamie was by your side every step of the way ..you are both are called to Ministry for your Gifts that you have. ...theres so much more i would like to say but it would take more than this....just know Pastor Eric your works for the Lord He knows i know in your Heart you have such a satisfaction of giving and helping other less fortunate then yourself. ...anyway Pastor Eric a very long story i have to make it short...Pastor Eric you have an Amazing Glory all around you i know that the Holy Spirit follows you everywhere you are walking the Path of the Lord. ....Hallelujah. .....May you and your family have a Blessed Day. ..Again Pastor Eric for such an amazing book.....God Bless

11/29/16  Salem Church is growing, and the Penns Grove is maturing in the Holy Ghost.  Preparing for the "Off the Grid - Power Tour" in 2017

Excited about the new book that is in the process.  "The Invisible Me" a compilation of stories of how God is glorified as we decrease. 

​8/8/16  God is moving by His Spirit, throughout the Salem Co. area. Lives are coming to see, know and experience the POWER of HIS GLORY.